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Rubber Refiner Mill
  • Rubber Refiner Mill for Reclaim projects. We offer Refiner mills for rubber from 16"x18"x42" to 21"x24"x36". Refiner mill is the most important machine required in a reclaim rubber project. refiners are highly efficient as well durable . The success of a good reclaim project mainly lies in the hand of a Rubber Refiner mill. rubber machinery are of world class quality that can give the best quality result.

Features of Rubber Refiner mill are :
Rolls : Alloy Chilled Cast Iron rolls with Surface hardness 510 ~ 550 BHN. The Rolls are mirror finished & polished, duly grinded and are hollowed for cooling.
Stand Frame & Apron (Cap) : Heavy Duty Steel Casting / Steel Fabricated.
Journal Bearing Housing : Steel Casting Housing fitted with Anti Friction Roller Bearings.
Lubrication : Manual / Motorized Grease pump for lubrication of Anti Friction Roller Bearings fitted in dust sealed housing.
Base frame : Common base frame, heavy duty Steel fabricated of Double Channel and MS plate accurately machined for fitment of auxiliary equipment.
Gearbox : Helical reduction gearbox, Greaves Make.
Electric Control Panel : Star Delta Electric operating panel with Voltmeter, Ammeter Overload protection relay and Emergency switch 3 phase indicator arrangement.

Stainer Extruder
  • Strainers are used for removing the oversize, unwanted material from the reclaimed rubber using fine mesh in the head. Strainer extruders for Reclaim projects from size 150 MM to 200MM. Scroll and sleeve are made of EN-41 B Material,presicely ground on OD and profile –nitrided to 900 +50Hv. Hinged type Powered feed rollers are provided. Two strainers Heads hinged type are provided with Quick locking type mechanism.